Mark Hansen, MSW, LCSW

Mark Hansen, MSW, LCSW

I moved from Boston to North Carolina in May 2017 for a position with Johnson Psychiatric Associates. I grew up in Houston, Texas where I graduated from Texas Christian University. In 2007, I received a degree in drug and alcohol counseling and interned at the Veterans Administration in Long Beach, California. I realized that I was not trained to do the kind of work that I wanted to practice and decided I needed more education. I was accepted to Boston College School of Social Work where I excelled in their clinical program.

While at Boston College I interned at Arbour Counseling Services, Massachusetts largest mental health provider serving a broad range of populations at different levels of mental health. This experience proved to be a good fit for me because of previous experience where learned to facilitate groups. Arbour Counseling Services I learned to practice individual therapy and reinforce my group experiences in an array of adult populations.

After graduation, Arbour offered me a starting position as a staff therapist where I was able to enhance by skills and eventually moved up to a senior full-time psychotherapist on the management board. I also had the opportunity of running their post-graduation program for Social Worker supervision and training programs. I was frequently asked to mentor therapist that wanted to facilitate groups and lead six groups in addition to seeing a full schedule of individuals in therapy.

While living in the Boston area I had great opportunities with Its array of Universities to attend Harvard Medical School continuing education programs. While attending these seminars I kept hearing about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT for short. After reading and studying ACT I began to use the concepts in my therapeutic work. My clients found the concepts to be intuitive and consistent with their own personal experiences.

The ACT model of therapy is a scientifically based therapy that focuses on making a distinction between what?s out of you control and what?s not. The aim of ACT is simple, to create a purposeful life by effectively changing relationships to the pain that comes with everyday life, our histories and use of language. ACT achieves this in three ways. First, ACT teaches us to change how we deal with our unworkable thoughts and feelings. Second, ACT teaches us to become aware of avoidance of thoughts and feelings. Third, ACT helps us to choose a meaningful direction in life and uses this knowledge to take action.

ACT also takes a different stance between client and therapist in that we are equal. This is because we are both going through life the best way we can and no one is superior. More specifically, all of us have difficulties in our lives and sometimes we need help from the outside. I have been trained to help others with their struggles and you have been trained perhaps to do things that I have no competency in. I strive to provide a space to help you achieve your goals in a non-judgmental empathetic environment for adults that struggle with what life has brought them. I work only with adults and have experience with anxiety, depression, traumatic life events, chronic mental illness and substance abuse amongst many other experiences that come along with life. I hope to see you soon to help enhance your journey towards a life that you have always wanted deep down inside-to make that happen in a meaningful way.

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