Appointments & Professional Fees


It is recommended for patients to set up their own appointments as this minimizes no shows. If a patient is referred by a physician or a health provider, our staff will call the patient and get them set up.

When calling to set up an appointment, we need you to have your insurance card handy as our staff will need to obtain insurance details from you in order to pre-authorize your visits and avoid payments denials.

Appointments for minors need to be set up by their parents or their legal guardians. Legal Guardians and foster parents, when bringing the child in, need to present legal proof of guardianship or papers from DSS for Foster parent placement in order for them to be able to sign consents for treatment.

A new Patient needs to be in the office fifteen to twenty minutes prior to their appointments in order to fill out paperwork. To minimize this time, you can download and print out the new patient registration form and treatment consent from our website, see link above.

Appointment cancellations should be called in at least twenty four hours prior to the appointment in order to avoid a missed appointment fee. A $35 fee will be charged for each  missed appointment.

We reserve the right to close a patient’s file if they have two or more missed appointments.

Professional Fees

With signing a consent for treatment and providing the office with their insurance information, patients authorize JPA to bill their insurance for the service they received. JPA will bill nsurance, Medicaid and Medicare. Patient is responsible for Copays up front before they see their provider. If patient has an unmet deductible on their policy, they are expected to pay for the visit upfront "$140 for initial visit and $65 for follow up visits". We will still bill their insurance and in case their deductible happened to be met meanwhile and there was an overpayment, patient will receive a refund.

Patients will be billed monthly for their outstanding balances and are expected to pay monthly bills in full. Delinquent accounts will be subject to collection and will be billed for the cost of collection effort. Once a patient account is in collection, their provider may have to close their case.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. In case a check bounces due to insufficient funds, patient will billed for the amount of the check in addition to a $25 fee. Bad checks are expected to be paid off within 48 hours of notifying the patient.

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